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New! Gartner Research - online database of technology industry reports

If you are researching at the intersection of technology and business, you will love the Libraries new database.

Gartner Research reports cover statistics, forecasts, and market analysis of computer hardware and software, information technology services, communications and networks, and semiconductor design and devices. The list of topic areas is very extensive and includes both current and emerging technologies and services used in major industry sectors such as banking, education, energy & utilities, government, healthcare providers, insurance, investment services, manufacturing, media, and retail.

Users can access Gartner Research from the frontpage of the Libraries webpage, either through LIbrary Catalog or by following the path: Find > Indexes and Databases > Business > Gartner Research
Find > Indexes and Databases > Science, Technology, and Math > Engineering and Technology > Gartner Research.

The Libraries are grateful to the Rutgers University Office of Information Technology, which secured this resource.

Posted November 28, 2006