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Update on effect of budget cuts on Libraries' collections

December 6, 2006

To the Rutgers University community,

I'm writing to provide an update to my message of August 30, 2006 regarding the reduction of state funds for the Libraries collections budget. There is an $800,000 or 11% reduction in the collections base budget and the projected inflation rate on 2007 serials (7%) is $450,000 for our current serials. This results in a net reduction of $1,250,000. Fortunately, we have received $198,166 temporary state funding for books from the university administration for this fiscal year.

The Libraries developed a strategy to face this new budget reality. Taking into account the strong demand for online journals and databases, we determined the following:

We have now completed the reduction strategy with the following results:

The efficient cancellation and negotiation process netted a savings of approximately $500,000, therefore reducing our collection budget loss to $750,000. The good news is that in the end, minimal serial content has been lost.

Robert G. Sewell,
Associate University Librarian for Collection Development and Management

Posted December 6, 2006