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New! DigiZeitschriften database - German scholarly publications, 1777 - present era

The model of the modern research university was born in Germany. When research universities began in the US at the end of the nineteenth century, they hired faculty who had been trained in Germany, and most of the core journals in their disciplines were German. The DigiZeitschriften database, also known as the German JSTOR, provides over 100 scholarly journals published in Germany or neighboring countries in German, English, or other European languages back to their first volume. Users may choose between a German and an English language interface.

Fields most prominently represented are mathematics (one-fourth of all titles), literature, history, the arts, economics, and law. Users can browse and search by article and journal title, discipline, author, publisher, and ISBN and search in the full text of the articles as well. Text may be displayed as image and PDF files. The database covers publications from 1777 to the present era.

Users can access DigiZeitschriften from the frontpage of the Libraries website, either through Library Catalog or by following the path: Find > Indexes and Databases > Arts and  Humanities > Language and Linguistics > DigiZeitschriften.

Posted December 6, 2006