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Robeson Library plagiarism video makes national news

The Chronicle of Higher Education knows a great project when it sees it. In a May 14th email from the Chronicle's Wired Campus blog, Chronicle correspondent Andrea Foster highlighted the plagiarism video series produced by Robeson Library's John Gibson and Vib Bowman, with support from other faculty members, staff, and several student employees..

Ms. Foster wrote:
"Who would have thought educating students about plagiarism could be this entertaining? Rutgers University's Paul Robeson Library has produced a four-part video that tells students not to steal one another's work and warns them that they could receive a failing grade from a course or be expelled from the university if they are caught. It's a serious message but an amusing video, with a photograph of a bobblehead professor speaking in an exaggeratedly schoolmarmish tone to students, represented by 1950s-style headshots, who respond with gasps and bulging eyeballs."

To see the video series, please go to:

Congratulations to John and Vib for creating a informative and useful resource, now a national model worthy of emulation.

Posted May 16, 2007