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Exhibition of Globalization Films, at Kilmer Library

"Darwin's Nightmare/Whose Nightmare? Globalization on Film," an exhibit at Kilmer Library, highlights the many films in the Libraries' Media Center's collection that focus on the worldwide ramifications of globalization. The title of the exhibit is inspired by one of films on display, Darwin's Nightmare, released in 2005, that depicts the tragic effects that ensue when disproportionately powerful companies, governments and people compete on an anything but level playing field in Tanzania. As the director of the film points out in an interview on the DVD, similar effects can result from the production and distribution of almost any product in today's global marketplace. All of the films on display, and more, are available for viewing by contacting the Media Center via their website at or by phone at (732) 445-4980.

Thank you to Kilmer Library Associate Kevin McGuire, who designed the exhibition in cooperation with the Media Center. The exhibition will run from September 4th through December 12th.

Posted October 10, 2007