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Without your help, we'll lose 11 major databases

Access to 11 important databases will cease on February 28, 2008. Urgent help is needed to restore a $1 million cut in this year's New Jersey state budget for the New Jersey Knowledge Initiative (NJKI).

The NJKI is a NJ State Library program to fund science, technology and business databases to higher education, small businesses, and public libraries. The NJKI pays for the following 11 databases made available to Rutgers:

If the $1 million is not restored, database access to Rutgers faculty and students, other higher education institutions, and the small business community in New Jersey will cease on February 28, 2008.

Please contact Governor Corzine and your state legislators and tell them it is critically important that we continue to have access to these databases.

Call the Governor's Office (609) 292-6000 and tell them you are calling in support of reinstating $1 million to the New Jersey Knowledge Initiative. Or send email to the governor advocating for NJKI at the following Web site:
Select the topic: "Commerce", the sub-topic "small business", and title the email "Support NJKI"

You can obtain the contact information for your NJ state senator and assemblypeople by using this form:

Everything that you need in terms of talking points and contact information is available right on the NJKI website.
Go to: and click on the link:
"Help US keep helping YOU!

In order to keep track of advocacy efforts, we would appreciate notices of phone calls, emails, or copies of letters. Please let either of the following at the NJ State Library know that you have contacted the governor or a legislator:
Norma Blake Email:
Kathleen Peiffer Email:

Thank you for your assistance in maintaining access to these 11 valuable databases.

Posted October 22, 2007