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During exam week, the Libraries may be up later than you!

Alexander Library at night.

In the interest of serving as quiet study areas for students when they need them most, many of the larger Rutgers University libraries will be open for extended hours during the fall exam period--December 13 - 20.

During that period, Alexander Library will be open 24 hours each day, Monday-Thursday, and until midnight on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Douglass Library, Kilmer Library, and the Science and Engineering Resource Center (SERC) on the Busch campus will be open until 2:00 AM, Sunday-Thursday, and until midnight on Friday and Saturday. The Dana Library, on the Rutgers-Newark campus, will be open until 2:00 AM Monday-Thursday.

For more information on library hours during this time, please see:

Good luck on your exams!!

Posted December 4, 2007; December 12, 2007