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Performance Poetry Showcase - Tues. Oct. 28th

The Rutgers University Libraries are proud to present a Performance Poetry Showcase, featuring some of the most talented poets in Slam Poetry today. The Performance Poetry Showcase will be held at the Scholarly Communication Center, on the fourth floor of Alexander Library in New Brunswick, on October 28th starting at 5pm. This event coincides with the My Infant Head: The History of Children's Poetry exhibition that will run through January 9, 2009. To RSVP email Michael Joseph, or Wally Hastings, This event is free of charge and all are welcome to attend.

The Poets

Chad Anderson
An Audio/Visual Professor at Brookdale Community College, was the 2007 Grand Slam Champion for NJ and has been on a number of slam teams in his poetry career, including New York's Team Urbana of 2005. He will also be representing New Jersey in the Individual World Poetry Slam to be held in Charlotte, NC this year in December. Chad's also been the coach of the NJ Slam Team for 3 years.

Connor Dooley
A 2007 New Jersey Slam Team member and also College Team member for Montclair State University, in 2008. Connor was also the writing coach for the 2008 NJ Slam Team.

Omar Holmon
A Rutgers graduate of the English and NJ Grand Slam Champion for 2008: he represented the NJ Slam Team at this year's Nationals.

Nicole Homer
A 2006 NJ Team member, 2007 Urbana member, and 2008 NJ Team member. Nicole is officially the 9th ranked poet in the world per the Individual World Poetry Slam in 2007 and the 6th ranked female poet in the World, per the Women of the World Poetry Slam in 2008.

Ian Khadan
A Rutgers student studying English, a 2008 Urbana semi-finalist, and a 2008 NJ Slam Team member.

Nate Kostar
A Rutgers student of English, and a semifinalist for New York's Nuyorican Poetry Club, which is the Mecca of slam poetry; a venue started by Rutgers graduate Miguel Algarn.

Joseph Thomas
Also a former Rutgers Student of English, Joseph is now a Pre-K to 5th Grade teacher. He's a member of the 2008 NJ Slam Team.

Posted October 17 2008