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Rutgers Student Activism exhibition, on view in Libraries on all campuses

The Rutgers University Libraries invite members of the Rutgers University community and the general public to view a new exhibition, Rutgers Student Activism, 1960-1985, Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick. This exhibition will travel between the three Rutgers campuses from October 14th to January 30th and will be available for viewing for two week periods in six different Rutgers libraries during that period.

The Rutgers Student Activism exhibition honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., by highlighting the political and social activism of students on Rutgers campuses both before and after Dr. King's tragic and untimely death. The exhibition uses historic newspaper clips from the Daily Targum, the Home News, and other newspapers, as well as other original materials from Rutgers University Libraries' archives, to illustrate the causes and concerns that motivated students to take action, to improve the university and society at large.

Events depicted in the exhibition include anti-segregation protests by Douglass and Rutgers College students in 1960, Rutgers student support for jailed integration activist Donald Harris in 1963, the Black student takeover of Conklin Hall at Rutgers Newark in February 1969, an anti-pornography march in the 1980's, protests in support of El Salvador, Palestinian rights, Lebanon, and Puerto Rico in the 1980's, and the arrest of Rutgers University president Edward Bloustein in January 1985 following his protest at the South African Consulate in support of divestment from South Africa.

The exhibition will be available for viewing at the following locations and dates:

The exhibition will be placed in the main lobby of each participating library.

The exhibition is cosponsored by the Committee to Advance our Common Purposes, the Taskforce on the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., and the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. The exhibition was curated by Kayo Denda, Erika Gorder, and Fernanda Perrone, with layout and design work by Pilara Brunson.

Posted October 21, 2008