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New Libraries' diversity website showcases successful programs, university resources

The Rutgers University Libraries are active, committed partners with the university in working to promote diversity. One area where the Libraries have developed particular expertise is in conducting creative and engaging activities that encourage students, faculty, and staff to consider other cultures, lifestyles, opportunities, and views.

The Libraries are pleased to offer the university community a website that highlights years of successful Libraries' programs on diversity. Programs chronicled include fall 2008 events on LGBT & Social Justice issues and Dialog groups, a series of events on diversity held in spring 2008, a fall 2007 Libraries of the World showcase, diversity skits performed by Libraries personnel, the Rutgers University Libraries/SCILS internship/residency, and other activities.

The website also offers a comprehensive roster of links to 16 diversity oriented websites at the university. The "University Diversity Resources" section includes links to Cultural Centers, Multicultural Student Organizations, the Office of Faculty Diversity Initiatives, the University President's Faculty Diversity Cluster Hiring Initiative, and more. A section on 'General Diversity Resources' contains links to diversity resources at the American Library Association, the Association of College & Research Libraries, and other groups.

To view the Libraries new Diversity Resources webpage, please see:

Posted December 1, 2008