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Libraries adopt new slogan

Glenn Sandberg holds a sign with the new Libraries slogan.

The Rutgers University Libraries have introduced a new slogan that highlights their unique area of service to the university, the state, and the scholarly community.

"The place to go when you need to know" was chosen as the new Libraries slogan by a vote of the Rutgers University Libraries staff and librarians, following an initial slogan suggestion contest that drew dozens of entries. The winning slogan was suggested by Glenn Sandberg, supervisor of the Libraries' Interlibrary Loan office.

"The place to go when you need to know" was selected as a finalist for the vote by the Libraries Marketing/PR team because the slogan represents the characteristics of the Rutgers University Libraries that are widely respected by Libraries users at the university. Based on focus groups and surveys conducted amongst students, faculty, and Libraries personnel between fall 2006 and spring 2008, the Libraries are identified with four key strengths:

Higher education focus
The Libraries collections, both in print and online, support research and instruction at a high level. While public libraries offerings serve a wide audience and range of interests, the Rutgers University Libraries books, journals, indexes and databases, research guides, and other resources are focused on success in higher education. While a Rutgers library user may find satisfactory materials for their college studies or research in a local library or at a commercial bookstore, more current and respected scholarly materials are available through the Rutgers University Libraries.

Enriching knowledge
Rutgers' librarians are skilled at following developments in specific academic disciplines and use this perspective when collaborating with faculty and advising students. In addition the Libraries have won awards and received glowing press attention for their digital projects that bring together, arrange, create connections between, and make accessible reliable information from a variety of sources.

Essential services
While students can use information readily available on the Web, or purchase books that appear to address their study topics, often the most time effective, cost efficient, and academically reliable approach to fulfilling a class assignment is to consult with a Rutgers librarian. Working with Rutgers librarians and Libraries' resources can make a difference between a decent grade and a great grade. For faculty, the Libraries can use their organizational connections and trained searching skills to obtain rare or hard to find journal articles, obscure publications, and little known resources that can advance many research projects.

Friendly service
The Rutgers University Libraries strive to create an environment where inquiries are invited and there are multiple opportunities to seek research assistance. Our access services desks, located near the entrance of most of our libraries, are run by staff and student workers who are specially trained to provide pleasant and helpful assistance to all users who approach with questions or requests. Our Ask A Librarian service, accessible from the front page of our website, allows users to submit inquiries at any hour and receive prompt responses.

"I'm pleased that our users associate the Libraries with strong service values that contribute to enriching knowledge," said Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian Marianne Gaunt. "I'm confident that our new slogan, The place to go when you need to know, will help us convey these strengths throughout the Rutgers community and affirm our commitment to serve Rutgers users."

The Libraries welcome comments about the new slogan. Please share your feedback with Harry Glazer, chair of the Libraries Marketing/PR team, at

Posted November 25, 2008