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Essential tips & tools for job searchers, in Libraries' research guide

The Rutgers University Libraries are pleased to offer a wealth of well organized practical information for job seekers. The tips and tools can benefit both recent graduates, looking for their post-college dream job, and those engaged in a mid-career change.

The career and employment services research guide covers all the steps of an organized and thorough job search. A section on 'the job search process' allows users to locate resources on topics like 'career exploration, planning, and development,' 'job search strategies' 'resumes and cover letters,' and 'interviews,'; this section also includes links to 27 job posting meta-sites. A section on 'employment opportunities' allows users to investigate 'jobs by location,' 'government jobs,' 'jobs in the nonprofit sector,' 'temporary employment,' and other subjects.

Other sections of the research guide focus on 'special populations and situations,' 'thinking about graduate school?,' and resources and opportunities available only to Rutgers students, alumni, faculty, and staff. There are also links to resources on 'women and minority concerns,' relocating and working abroad,' and 'internships and summer jobs.'

To access the career and employment resource guide, please go to:

Posted January 12, 2009