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New online resource! Classical Scores Library

A new Libraries online resource may strike a pleasant chord with music researchers and classical music fans at Rutgers.

Classical Scores Library contains 15,000 classical music scores from the Renaissance to the 21st century. Both major and less-known composers are represented. The database includes material from Boosey and Hawkes and some from the University Music Editions microfilm series. Coverage includes full scores, study scores, piano and vocal scores, and piano reductions of pieces.

The database is indexed to provide searches in musically relevant fields, including: composer, title of work, opus number, key, genre, instrument(s), and time period. Specific fields for scores include: score type, duration, editor, arranger, and publisher. Many more scores will be added in the near future.

To access Classical Scores Library from the front page of the Libraries webpage, follow the path: Research Resources > Indexes and Databases > By Subject > Arts and Humanities > Music > Classical Scores Library.

Posted April 27, 2009