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Rutgers librarian publishes "The True History of Puss in Boots"

One of the illustrations in "The True History of Puss in Boots."

Rare book librarian and children's literature scholar Michael Joseph of Rutgers University has created a treat for adults and children alike, with his new book "The True History of Puss in Boots" (Cats in the Basement Press, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 2009). Based on the classic fairy tale "The Master Cat; or Puss in Boots" by Charles Perrault, first published in 1697, Joseph's rendition updates the story for modern sensibilities. While still exercising great cunning and deceit, the main character refrains from harming any animals and is a strict vegetarian--as are all of the characters in the story. The small book emphasizes both the comical nature of the clever feline and the happy ending that results from his stratagems.

Featuring delightful full-page illustrations by Henry Charles, head of the Libraries' shipping and receiving department, "The True History of Puss in Boots" is available for purchase and priced at $10 per copy. For information on how to obtain a copy, please contact the author at

Posted June 23, 2009