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New! Access US patents, 1790 - present, from the Libraries website

The Libraries new online resource, PATFT: Issued Patents/AppFT: Patent Applications, lets users see the origins of great inventions and innovations.

The PATFT database includes full text U.S. patents (including utility, design, reissue, plant patents and SIR documents) from 1790 to the present. Patents from January 1976 to the present offer the full searchable text, including all bibliographic data, such as the inventor's name, the patent's title, and the assignee's name; the abstract; the full description of the invention; and the claims. The display of each patent's full-text includes a hyperlink to obtain full-page images of each page of the patent. Patents from 1790 to December 1975 offer only the patent number, issue date, and current US patent classification in the text display, and can be searched only within those fields. However, this limited text display also includes a hyperlink to obtain full- page images of all pages of the patent.

The AppFT database provides access to the full text of U.S. published patent applications (including new utility and plant) from 2001 to the present. The full text of a published application includes all bibliographic data, such as the inventor's name, the published application's title, and the assignee's name, as well as the abstract, the full description of the invention, and the claims. Full page images are included.

To access PATFT: Issued Patents/AppFT: Patent Applications from the front page of the Libraries website, users should follow this path: Research Resources > Indexes and Databases > Science, Technology, Engineering and Math > Engineering and Technology > PATFT: Issued Patents/AppFT: Patent Applications.

Posted January 7, 2008