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Some of our favorite children's rhymes
- an informing poetry reading:
Mon. Dec 7th, 5pm

The Rutgers University Libraries are pleased to present a group poetry reading on December 7, 2009 from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Archibald S. Alexander Library.

The reading is highly informal – an opportunity for people who like reading and hearing children's poetry to get together and share favorites – and audience members are invited to bring one or two poems to read. Reading is optional, of course, and individuals who want to attend just to hear the spoken word are welcome.

Readings will be held in the Teleconference Hall on the fourth floor of the Alexander Library, 169 College Avenue in New Brunswick. RSVP Michael Joseph (

This event is FREE and all are welcome to attend (even CHILDREN).


Refreshments will be served at intermission and after the program.

Posted December 4, 2009