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Actually, we have it here: (Re)introducing electronic journals

Each month hundreds of Rutgers students and faculty spend time needlessly requesting and waiting for scholarly articles, reports, and other resources that are already available at our university.

In 2009 the Rutgers University Libraries received over 3,600 requests, via our Interlibrary Loan and Article Delivery service, for research or class materials that Rutgers owns. Interlibrary loan staff spent an average of 13 hours each month responding to these inquiries, advising the hopeful library users that the material they were seeking was part of Rutgers' collections.

In most cases, the sought-after materials are available online at a moment's notice. The Libraries provide access to over 79,000 online publications that support research, scholarship, and study in all disciplines at the university. Publications range ...

These 79,000 publications are accessible alphabetically on the "Electronic Journals" and the "Electronic Government Journals" webpages, which are both linked from the Research Resources webpage. To access Research Resources, look for the link in the gray navigation bar on the front page of the Libraries' website.

Inquiries about electronic resources in specific academic areas are welcome and may be submitted to the Libraries Ask A Librarian service or via the Meebo online chat dialogue box, available on the frontpage of the Libraries website during afternoon  &  evening hours. Most inquiries are answered within a few hours, sometimes sooner.

Posted January 13, 2010