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Special Collections archivist wins nat'l award

The Libraries offer congratulations to Fernanda Perrone for winning the 2011 John Brubaker Memorial Award, presented annually by the Catholic Library Association - publishers of the Catholic Library World journal. Perrone is head of Special Collections and University Archives' exhibitions program and curator of the William Elliot Griffis Collection.

Perrone's article, "Whose History Is It? Doing Research in the Archives of Women's Religious Communities," appeared in the September 2009 issue (vol. 80, no. 1) of Catholic Library World. The Brubaker Award is presented annually to the author of the best article in a volume of the journal, as judged by the Catholic Library World editorial committee. The award will be formally presented in April 2011, at the journal's annual business meeting in New Orleans.

Perrone's article has received favorable attention in another national venue as well. It was assigned as required reading for a workshop on closing and merging archives, held at the Archivists of Congregations of Women Religious' triennial conference in Milwaukee, WI in September.

We commend Fernanda on her scholarship and the glowing responses it has earned.

Posted July 14, 2010