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It's easy to tell us what you think: Online customer satisfaction survey

The Libraries are always interested in hearing our users' opinions. That is why we made it easy for you to share your views of our resources and services, at any time. There's no office to track down, no limited office hours, no hot-line number to remember, and no byzantine feedback protocol - - just a simple, straight-forward online survey.

The Libraries online customer satisfaction survey is accessible from the front page of our website, by clicking on the corner curl with the question mark that appears in the top right corner. The corner curl links to a welcome page with two variations of the survey – a seven minute regular survey and a more in-depth fifteen minute survey.

Survey questions ask about your level of satisfaction with Libraries services, reasons for using a particular library, what services you've used within the past year, the aspects of services you value the most, how you use the library, what times of the day and week you use the library, and whether or not you find library services straightforward and easy to use. You are not required to answer all survey questions and can skip those you do not find relevant. Open ended questions provide a few opportunities to comment on the things you are most and least satisfied with at the Libraries.

If you offer comments and ask to be contacted, the Libraries will reply shortly. Your comments will be shared with the Libraries administrator who oversees the area of concern you have identified.

The Libraries online customer satisfaction survey can be accessed here.

For more information on this survey, please contact Associate University Librarian for Planning and Organizational Research Jeanne Boyle at or 732/932-7505.

Posted September 23, 2010