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Interviewing, multimedia workshops at Douglass Library

Students polishing the skills they'll need in communications, journalism, graphic design, and information technology can benefit from two new workshops now being offered in the Douglass Library.

The Margery Somers Foster Center, based in the Douglass Library, offers the following workshops over the next three weeks:


Interview workshops are designed to instill students with an understanding of interview as an encounter with and component of knowledge production, and also familiarize them with the components of an effective interview, including consent/agreement, structure, language, setting, equipment, and more. Attendees watch segments of two "real" interviews (one conducted with a Roma holocaust survivor, and another with Coach Stringer of RU women's basketball by IWL scholar, Vanity Jenkins), engage in group discussions of assigned topics, and interview each other for practice.


Multimedia workshops teach students multimedia techniques intended to enhance their e-portfolios (a personal website component of SAKAI). They include an overview of Fordham Multimedia Lab software and hardware, including hands on exercises on image and sound editing using iPhoto and GarageBand, and simple film editing using iMovie. Intellectual property issues and privacy concerns will be addressed in both workshops.

The workshops are available at the following days and times:

Wed. Oct. 20th, 9:50 - 11:10 am
Tues. Oct. 26th, 2:50 - 4:10 pm
Thurs. Oct. 28th, 6:10 - 7:50 pm
Wed. Nov. 3rd, 9:50 - 11:10 am

Tues. Oct. 19th, 2:50 - 4:10 pm
Thurs. Oct. 21st, 6:10 - 7:50 pm
Wed. Oct. 27th, 9:50 - 11:10 am
Tues. Nov. 2nd, 2:50 - 4:10 pm
Thurs. Nov. 4th, 6:10 - 7:50 pm.

The Interviewing workshop will be held in the Instructional Alcove, on the ground level of the Douglass Library. The Multimedia workshop will be offered in the Sharon Fordham Multimedia Lab, on the ground level of the Douglass Library.

For more information on either workshop, or to reserve a space, send an email to Kayo Denda at

Posted October 15, 2010