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Upgrade Coming to E-ZBorrow Interlibrary Loan Service

Using E-ZBorrow is about to get easier as software changes will streamline the book-borrowing process. The new software, powered by Relais software, becomes operational on Monday, March 28, 2011.

Under the new system, one search simultaneously scans the catalogs of more than 50 participating academic libraries. Users will no longer need to search three sets of libraries to find a title.

An advanced search option will enable users to narrow their inquiries. Results will display in order of relevance and can also be sorted by author, title, newest, or oldest.

If a book is available at Rutgers, the user will be given the option to transfer to IRIS and place a request for it. And if a book is not available through E-ZBorrow, the user will be given the option to request it through traditional interlibrary loan.

Also, as part of a longer term goal to progressively phase out the use of barcode login, Rutgers affiliated users can now login with their NetID and password.

E-ZBorrow requests submitted before when the new system become operational will be completed in the old system. Users should write to Ask a Librarian if they have questions about the status of their requests in the old E-ZBorrow system.

Posted January 12, 2011; January 18, 2011 (date changed from Jan. 25 to Feb. 7); February 3, 2011 (date change from Feb. 7 to week of Feb. 14); February 11, 2011 (date change from Feb. 14 to week of March 14); March 23, 2011 (operational March 14, to March); March 25, 2011