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Libraries help faculty preserve science research data

Ryan Womack at his office computer with the RUresearch Data Portal on screen

Faculty members conducting science research now have a vital ally, who will help them meet new National Science Foundation rules that require a detailed plan for organizing research data and making it accessible.

The Rutgers University Libraries, as part of its mission to support and advance the university's research agenda, offers solutions that enable faculty members to develop a data plan and provide for the ongoing management of their data. The Libraries invite faculty members to explore RUresearch, the emerging suite of RUcore tools and services, to support their research data.

RUresearch is a new service of RUcore, the Rutgers Community Repository, which is hosted and managed by the Rutgers University Libraries for the benefit of Rutgers faculty and students. The RUresearch team includes experts in data management, data archiving, metadata, and web portal development. The goal of RUresearch is to provide meaningful data support so that you can focus on the research itself.

Ryan Womack, Research Data Manager for RUcore, can schedule a 30 minute presentation for an academic department or a research team that covers the following topics:

For a preview of RUresearch services, see:

For more information on these services, please contact Ryan and the RUresearch team at

Posted March 30, 2011