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Bookmark-making, origami, book/document appraisals, scavenger hunts, book appraisals, exhibits, and more: Libraries activities planned for Rutgers Day 2011

The Rutgers University Libraries welcome you to enjoy nine different activities in the Libraries on Rutgers Day 2011 - Saturday April 30, 2011.

Alexander Library Open House
Take a self-guided tour of the Alexander Library, participate in fun family-friendly activities, and view the exhibits. Stop in the lobby and enjoy the media presentation highlighting some of the unique and rare treasures of the Libraries. Knowledgeable library staff will also be available to answer your questions and describe the valuable resources available to the Rutgers and New Jersey community.

Origami Menagerie - Alexander Library
Make a frog that really jumps! Learn the ancient Japanese art of Origami using simple paper folding techniques. Instructions, supplies and samples will be provided for all ages and difficulty level.

Antiquarian Appraisals (1pm-2:30pm) - Special Collections and University Archives, Alexander Library
Special Collections and University Archives is pleased to offer free appraisal of books, manuscripts, documents and ephemera (5 per person) by the Old Book Shop, Morristown, NJ (Chris Wolff & Virginia Faulkner). Founding members of the Antiquarian Booksellers of New Jersey, they have been selling antiquarian books and ephemera since 1974.

Scavenger Hunt - Alexander Library
Explore the labyrinth of the Alexander Library as you search for answers to simple questions and discover library resources. Prizes to all successful scavengers!

Milton and the Cultures of Print - Special Collections and University Archives, Alexander Library
Tour an exhibition on famed English poet John Milton (1608-1674) as presented by Special Collections and University Archives. The exhibition features Rutgers' collection of early and rare editions of works by Milton and his contemporaries, and traces Milton's influence on art and society from the seventeenth century to the present.

MyJerseyRoots - Scholarly Communication Center, Alexander Library
History isn't just about "famous" people and "important" places. Does your family have photographs that help capture the story of our remarkable state? Bring up to 5 images for scanning and join the MyJerseyRoots digital collection. Your family's everyday life pics will one day constitute fascinating artifacts of the past!

Art Library Open House
Take a self-guided tour of the Art Library and view the "Professors' Oriental Abstract World" exhibit featuring the Chinese brush calligraphy and painting of two NJ professors. Also, visit our information kiosk and speak to knowledgeable library staff about the valuable resources available to the Rutgers and NJ community.

Make Your Mark! - Art Library
Create your own bookmark to celebrate books, libraries, or just something you love. We'll supply materials. You supply the imagination and creativity!

"Joan Snyder/Intimate Works" - Douglass Library Exhibit
Throughout her career Joan Snyder has used mixed media in her paintings. Though small in size (all are no larger than 24 x 24 inches), the works on view are monumental in content, and represent the artist's development during the past four decades.

For more information on Libraries activities during Rutgers Day, contact the Libraries Rutgers Day coordinators:
Stephanie Bartz at 732-932-7129, ex. 122 or
Rose Barbalace at 732-932-7851, ex. 110 or

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