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Two 1-hr. documentaries, at the Cook Campus Center; Wed. April 13th

The Rutgers University Libraries, in conjunction with the Ecologies in the Balance initiative and Project Civility at Rutgers, invite members of the Rutgers community and the public to view two one-hour documentaries that illuminate the beauty of and the challenges facing our natural world.

On Wednesday April 13th the following two one-hour films will be screened in the Multipurpose Room at the Cook Campus Center, on the Cook campus:

6:00 pm  

A hard-hitting documentary about domestic drilling for natural gas. Sundance Film Festival Winner

8:00 pm  

Atlantic Crossing
An award-winning documentary about the voyage of the Rutgers glider from New Jersey to Spain in 2009.

After both films, Cook Campus Dean and Professor of Food Science Richard Ludescher and Professor of Marine and Coastal Sciences Oscar Schofield will lead a discussion about the use of gliders to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The entire event is free and popcorn will be served.

For more information on this event, please contact Kayo Denda at

Posted April 7, 2011