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Online tutorials prepare students for research

Distance education at Rutgers is growing. RU has seen a 39% growth in online enrollment and a 25% growth in courses since 2008. Even our traditional students are completing assignments and performing research at all hours of the day. Making information available with the click of the mouse can bridge the difference between frustration and a successfully completed project. Rutgers University Libraries have put together tools to help your students 24/7.

Online tutorials:
How do I access libraries resources from home? How do I find an article, and once I find it, how do I determine if it's scholarly? How do I find a book I need? What if Rutgers doesn't have what I want?

Our librarians have created a set of online tutorials that can answer these questions (and others) in under 2 minutes. A library course, introducing the student to the libraries and its resources has been created for eCollege. According to the Division of Continuing Studies, the majority of our distance learners are working professionals with families. In other words, completing coursework is squeezed into an already busy schedule. Many distance learners do the majority of their course work between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am.

Recognizing the variable needs of our distance learners prompted our librarians, Jill Nathanson and Mei Ling Lo to work with the Division of Continuing Studies to address those needs, even if it is at 2 am...

Tutorials available are:

Even if you are not teaching distance courses, the tutorials can be accessed via the library's website or can be embedded into your course website as a point of reference for research assignments. Visit the web site at:

For more information on the tutorials or technical assistance with embedding them, contact Mei Ling Lo (Math/Computer Science Librarian) or Jill Nathanson (Reference  &  Instruction Librarian) at

Posted April 1, 2011