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Libraries collecting Rutgers research on 9/11

The Rutgers University Libraries are creating an online portal to highlight scholarship by Rutgers faculty about the events of September 11, 2001. The portal will serve not simply as a means of collecting and facilitating access to Rutgers scholarship but also serve as a way of commemorating the event and of remembering those who lost their lives on that day.

This online resource will include relevant resources from RUcore, the Rutgers institutional repository. Scholars at Rutgers and beyond are free to use RUcore resources, with proper attribution, in educational and non-commercial settings. Including an article in RUcore does not change the copyright status of the article(s). In addition, the Libraries will abide by all restrictions that the publisher has imposed, including the permitted version of the article and embargo periods.

We urge members of the Rutgers community who have researched and written about September 11 to lend their support to this very important project. They can contact us at:

Posted August 16, 2011