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Banned Books Week at the RU Libraries: An Afterword

The Rutgers University Libraries were gratified by the broad participation of deans, faculty members, university staff, students, and Libraries personnel in our activities for Banned Books Week 2011. Thank you to all who read excerpts of their favorite books, attended one of our two film screenings/discussions, and joined us for the panel discussion on global censorship.

Thank you as well to the Daily Targum, Rutgers Today, the Faculty/Staff Bulletin, and other publications for their coverage of our Banned Books Week events. We are encouraged by their interest in and support of these activities.

We believe that the cause of intellectual freedom is a vital one, which merits sustained vigilance. To encourage continued discussion and reflection on this topic, we offer the following presentation by Professor John V. Pavlik, chair of the journalism and media studies department in the School of Communication and Information.


by John V. Pavlik

Harnessing emerging technologies to create a more engaging and democratic form of journalism is one of the opportunities of the digital age. Yet governments from China to the United Kingdom to the United States are using laws, regulations and those same new technologies to repress and otherwise censor journalists and citizens attempting to participate in robust, vigorous public discourse whether through Internet, social and mobile media.

This presentation offers a critically perspective on the contemporary technological upheaval transforming both journalism and the public and the concomitant governmental attempts to censor and otherwise control public digital discourse via Internet, social and mobile media.

Presentation (PDF)

Posted October 3, 2011; Video added October 18, 2011