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Libraries increase support on copyright concerns

Janice T. Pilch

Many scholars, educators, librarians, and students find that, in the course of their academic work, complicated questions emerge about how to properly use copyrighted materials. Questions include:

The Rutgers University Libraries play a central role in facilitating legally and ethically appropriate uses of copyrighted works in the academic environment. To expand our service in this area, the Libraries are pleased to welcome Janice T. Pilch, who joined us as Copyright and Licensing Librarian on July 15th. Janice will provide expertise in matters of copyright, licensing, and other intellectual property issues for the Libraries and the broader University community.

Janice came to the Rutgers University Libraries from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she served as Humanities Librarian and Associate Professor of Library Administration. For the past decade, Janice has worked extensively on copyright matters in the international and national copyright arenas and at the University of Illinois.

Her international work includes service as an international copyright advocate for the Library Copyright Alliance, representing the interests of the U.S. library community at the World Intellectual Property Organization and other international fora, and as U.S. delegate to the Committee on Copyright and Other Legal Matters of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. She has published, conducted research, and presented widely on copyright topics.

Working closely with the Office of Vice President and General Counsel, Janice will serve as a primary resource on fair use and other copyright issues, advising members of the University community about issues related to the works they write or otherwise create, and about appropriate use of works created by others. Janice will also be available to conduct departmental workshops for faculty and students and to provide targeted expertise to increase awareness of copyright law as it relates to teaching and scholarly activity.

The Libraries also offer a Research Guide on Copyright Information to provide an overview of copyright law, at The Libraries welcome suggestions for copyright sessions and workshops for faculty, staff and students. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming copyright-related activities. You may contact Janice at

Posted September 13, 2003