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Research Guides

screenshot of a typical research guide

Course Guides can be customized based on one or a series of assignments, depending on your requirements. After an initial consultation, your Subject Specialist Librarian may identify library resources to aid in student research. Each resource included can have a description of the content, and different sections can be created if multiple assignments are given. Course Guides give students a focused starting point for their research. Because the Course Guides are web-based, they are easily accessible and can be updated as needed. For an example of a customized Course Guide created for Business Communication, please click here.

To find out more information, please contact your Subject Specialist Librarian/Research Liaison. A list of subject areas, locations and contacts can be found here.

For more generalized information, Research Guides can be accessed via the Research Resources heading on the libraries homepage.

Research Guides have been created to cover over seventy topics such as Agricultural Science, Art History, Business, Dance, Education, Medical and Health Sciences, Political Science, Psychology, and Women's Studies (to name a few). If students need to do research, but a customized Course Guide is not required, you can link directly to any of these Research Guides from e-college, a class website, or syllabus.

Posted September 13, 2011