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Libraries' research project on video use in the classroom

Rutgers' professor Louisa Schein with students in her Fall 2011 class.

Media creation, distribution, and consumption are faster and cheaper than ever before and video use on campuses is rapidly accelerating. The Libraries note that many Rutgers faculty are actively using moving images in the classroom.

As part of an effort to study and promote its services in this area, the Libraries organized a discussion forum in October on faculty use of video in the curriculum. Featuring three distinguished speakers from diverse disciplines, the forum brought professors and librarians together to discuss curricular and research use of video, its impact on teaching and scholarship, and how the Libraries might better support faculty efforts in this area. Ulla Berg (Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies and Anthropology), Richard Koszarski (English and Film and Cinema Studies), and Deepa Kumar (Media Studies and Middle East Studies) described how they use moving images to teach media literacy and history, illuminate alternative viewpoints, spark discussion, and bring internationally renowned experts into the classroom.

In the university environment, the link between video collections and video users is often the library, which procures, describes, and serves commercially produced-as well as locally produced- moving images in all formats, from 16mm film to streaming video. Although a fair amount of the literature discusses the role of video capture and production in learning, and the ways in which video can enhance cognitive functions to enrich learning, relatively little has been written about the specific ways faculty discover video for research and curricular use. Input from faculty is particularly critical now, when the Libraries are leading efforts to develop a catalog system and new tools that support video initiatives.

If you are Rutgers faculty using moving images in your classrooms or research, we invite you to participate in a short survey, part of a larger research study being conducted by Jane J. Otto, Media and Music Metadata Librarian here at Rutgers. The purpose of the research is to engage faculty in transforming cataloging and discovery of video in library collections.

Please go to to complete this brief (10 minute) questionnaire.
We look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thank you!

Posted November 28, 2011