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Easy access to a wealth of research on NJ's environment - The New Jersey Environmental Digital Library

 diagram of hydrologic cycle of a watershed
Image from an August 2001 presentation by the NJ Water Supply Company on the ground water of the Raritan River Basin.1

The New Jersey Environmental Digital Library (NJEDL) is a treasure - trove of materials on environmental issues that both confront and enrich our state and its people. NJEDL is the product of collaboration between the Rutgers University Libraries and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. NJEDL provides access to an impressive array of materials ranging from general citizen information to research publications. An extensive environmental organization directory enables users to contact organizations and experts in specific areas of interest.

Primary features of the NJEDL include:

A diverse collection of current and historical materials supporting research
The possibilities for study in environmental sciences at Rutgers are numerous and diverse: ecology and natural resources, environmental economics, climate change, marine science, meteorology, and many more. NJEDL content is generally culled from publications by New Jersey state government departments and agencies, non-profit organizations, research institutes, and academic departments. Coverage includes air quality reports, natural resource inventories, maps, citizen guides, even slideshows and educational materials - on every conceivable environmental topic of interest to students, researchers - and the state's citizens, as well.

A customized search portal with flexible search capacities
The NJEDL search portal enables users to readily locate information ranging from research reports to multimedia presentations. Newcomers to the collection can search the collection by keyword or phrase, or use pull-down menus to conduct (or restrict) a search by place or subject. The site's subject list contains nearly 100 broad topics including: agriculture, climate change, contaminated sites, endangered species, environmental law, local government, open space, renewable energy sources, waste management, and water resources.

A robust technological platform that presents and preserves digital content
The sustainability of NJEDL digital content derives from a recent migration to a new technical platform: RUcore - Rutgers University Community Repository ( Strategies that RUcore employs to ensure the long-term preservation of digital content include: creating high - resolution digital files providing multiple backups and restoration practices, continues and automatic file integrity checks, and storage of files in multiple formats.

We invite you to review the rich resources of the New Jersey Environmental Digital Library, at:

1 Newcomb, D.J. (2001). Ground water of the Raritan River Basin August 2001. Retrieved from

Posted November 28, 2011