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Social Explorer: Map Visualizations, Reports and More...

visualization of the percent of foreign born in New Jersey

Social Explorer is a resource that creates maps and reports using demographic information from the Census data gathered from 1790 to 2010, as well as Religion Data provided by ARDA (Association of Religion Data Archives).

The beauty in this resource is its simple, clean and user-friendly interface and the ease in which a user can create colorful and meaningful images and data reports with Census data. Users can focus on a specific location by zooming in or out on the map, colors can be changed, and using a selection tool, the user can pinpoint a particular location or area to create a data report based on the map. Once a visualization is selected, Social Explorer has the capability to save, email, or export the image, and if a personal account is created, slideshows can be created using multiple images.

Below is a visualization of the percent of foreign born in New Jersey. The red color shows a high percentage, while the light green areas reflect lower percentages.

Social Explorer features an interactive report creation tool. Users begin by selecting a Census Year or Type of Report. Once that basic selection is made, variables can be added and removed to build a focused or comprehensive data report. Numerical data is displayed in a format that is easy to read, and all reports can be exported to Excel or a CSV file. To interact with Social Explorer, please connect here.

Posted Novdmber 28, 2011