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Grad Students thank RU Libraries in a big way

The thank you poster on display at Alexander Library.

When members of a group want to thank a institution that's been particularly helpful, they might send a simple thank you card. Or they could draft a letter on their group's stationery. If they were feeling conversational, group members might drop by and thank someone in person.

The leaders of the Rutgers University Graduate Student Association (RU GSA) decided to take a more expansive approach.

Over the winter break, the four main Rutgers library buildings in New Brunswick/Piscataway that serve graduate students - Alexander Library, Douglass Library, the Library of Science and Medicine, and the Stephen & Lucy Chang Science Library - each received a large and colorful "Thank you!" poster signed by different members of the RU GSA. Each poster was accompanied by a small note to the librarians and staff in that building, wishing them happy holidays.

The poster at the Alexander Library includes comments on some of the services the graduate students found most useful, with notes such as: "Thank you for the reference librarians," "Thanks for article delivery," "Thank you for being open late," "I-heart-books," and "I did most of my quals studying at the grad reading room." The posters at Douglass Library and Library of Science and Medicine are filled with dozens of signatures and simple 'thank yous' written in a variety of styles and colors.

The poster at the Alexander Library has been taped to the wall behind the circulation desk, on the 1st floor. The poster at the Douglass Library has been pinned to the cork-board, in the hallway leading to the Media Center on the lower level. A picture of the poster sent to the Library of Science and Medicine was added to the image rotation, on the digital display board in the 1st floor lobby of the library. The thank you poster sent to the Chang Science Library was put up behind the access services desk.

The Libraries are very complimented by these thank you posters. We are grateful to the Graduate Student Association for their out-sized graciousness.

Posted January 17, 2012; January 20, 2012