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What do you think of our priorities?

We're thinking a lot about you lately as we plan our future.

Over the past year librarians, staff, and administrators at the Rutgers University Libraries have been developing a new strategic plan to guide our actions for the next three years. What you have told us in our various surveys and focus groups, what we hear from you in conversations in the libraries and around campus, and what we know about how you work have informed our thinking big time.

We are now releasing our Draft Strategic Plan, 2012-2015 for your consideration and comment.

In preparing our plan, we participated in internal retreats and scenario-based focus groups across the library system, examined our assessment data, and mined our professional knowledge base for successes, possibilities, and needs. Every segment of our organization - from subject specialists to computing professionals to HR managers, has participated.

To review our Draft Strategic Plan, please see this PDF version.

To offer your comments on this plan, please go to:

We are also working on what specific activities we will undertake to carry out our ambitious goals and objectives. We have a long list and will present it to you toward the end of the spring semester after librarians and staff 'kick the tires' of the activities for which they will be responsible.

We hope you are pleased with where we are heading, and we are eager for your comments.

A word cloud based on the language in the Draft Strategic Plan.

Posted January 12, 2012