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Guide to great research/study apps for the iPad & iPhone

Did you finally get that new iPhone or iPad you've been wanting? Has Angry Birds started to wear a little thin yet? Maybe it's time to get back to that research paper or presentation you've been putting off? Yes, you can actually use that expensive gadget for something more productive than launching irate avian at unsuspecting swine ... and your library is here to help.

Rutgers University Libraries is pleased to introduce Mobile Apps for Research and Study, a guide to mobile applications designed especially for students, faculty, and researchers. The guide offers a look at some of the top-rated iOS apps for conducting research, taking notes, writing papers, creating presentations, organizing meetings, sharing files, or just getting around campus.

Download the EBSCOhost app to search for articles from major library databases such as Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, ERIC, and CINAHL. Save articles, blog posts, and web pages for offline reading with Instapaper. Create, sync, and share lecture notes with Evernote. Design, edit, and view presentations with Keynote. Or find campus bus routes, dining hall menus, news, and events with the Rutgers University app.

The guide currently only covers apps for the iPhone and iPad, but will eventually include Android devices as well. Also included are a variety of resources to help you find the latest app news and reviews. If there is an app that you find particularly useful for research and study, feel free to suggest it by clicking "Submit a Link."

So next time you're sitting on the bus, hanging out at the student center, or stuck in line at the bursar's office, it might just be a good opportunity to study up for that physics exam or start outlining that thesis chapter. The pigs will thank you.

Posted March 22, 2012; March 23, 2012