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Academic Video Online

Academic libraries are experiencing increased demand for media resources and services for use in teaching and research. Faculty members teach courses on the understanding of media, and they make increased use of film and other video resources in the classroom. Instructional usage demands that libraries acquire rights to stream video to classrooms. Moreover, changes of format have added Internet access to films, VHS tapes, and DVDs as resources libraries must host and for which they need to negotiate terms.

Recently the Rutgers University Libraries acquired from Alexander Street a package of video resources known as Academic Video Online. A few of its several components already were available to the Rutgers community. With the acquisition of Academic Video Online, the number of these databases available to students, teachers and researchers is greatly increased. Moreover, these component databases can be cross searched to reveal useful contents in a wide variety of subject areas. The databases in the package are:

Many genres of material are represented in Academic Video Online. These include: personal narratives, field recordings, speeches, interviews, editorials, campaign commercials, documentaries, biographies, animation, performances and dramatized scenes, lectures, consultations and counseling sessions, and discographies. Between subject coverage and multiple genres, Academic Video Online provides rich resources for most subject areas taught at Rutgers University. The databases also makes it possible for students and researchers to create shared play lists and instructors can create specialized clips for display of scenes or portions of films that they want to show in the classroom.

Posted March 21, 2012; April 5, 2012