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Tell us - we respond!

The Rutgers University Libraries ask students, faculty, and staff to share their opinions on our resources, services, and facilities by taking the survey on the front page of our website. And rest assured – we will take action in response to your feedback.

In the past two years the Libraries have implemented a number of significant changes, based on the views expressed in the Counting Opinions survey (on the front page of our website). These changes include:

  • Extended late night hours in the graduate reading room, in Alexander Library
  • Installed printers in the Art Library, in spring 2012
  • Redoubled efforts to keep the bathrooms cleaner
  • Redesign of the front page of the Libraries website, announced this summer
  • Ongoing effort to simplify the Libraries online catalog

The corner curl with the question mark, that currently appears in the top right corner of the front page of the Libraries' website, links to a welcome page with two variations of the survey underway in the Libraries – a seven minute regular survey and a more in-depth fifteen minute survey.

Survey questions ask users about their level of satisfaction with Libraries services, reasons for using a particular library, what services they've used within the past year, the aspects of services they value the most, how they use the library, what times of the day and week they use the library, and whether or not they find library services straightforward and easy to use. A few open ended questions allow survey participants to comment on the things they are most and least satisfied with at the Libraries, what aspect of the Libraries they'd most like to see change, and to share a story or experience they had – good or bad – at the Libraries.

The ongoing Libraries survey can be accessed here:

For more information on this survey, please contact Christine Wolff, Project Coordinator for Planning and Organizational Research in the Rutgers University Libraries, at or 848-932-7505.

Posted August 30, 2012