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Need a book & all copies are checked out? Don't use 'Recall', use E-ZBORROW

Need a book owned by Rutgers, but no copies are available? To save yourself time and trouble, don't 'Recall' the book - use the E- ZBORROW option instead.

Why? Because an E-ZBorrow request will arrive within 3-5 business days, while a Book Delivery/Recall request can take up to two weeks or longer.

To promote this preferred option, library staff has reconfigured the catalog to display the "E-ZBORROW" button above the "Book Delivery/Recall" button, in the set of options to the right of the book description, when this situation occurs.

So let us help you get that book quicker - choose the "E-ZBorrow" button if a Rutgers book is checked out.

Posted October 16, 2012