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Conference to celebrate exceptional student research writing, Wed April 10th

Rutgers students can not only rise to meet a research challenge but also produce remarkably cogent, insightful, and thoughtful works in the process. And such impressive results are more common than many students or faculty may know.

When the Rutgers Writing Program began organizing The Rutgers University 2013 Undergraduate Research Writing Conference, they invited all students who earned an 'A' in research writing courses to submit a paper for inclusion in the conference. The organizers thought that, perhaps they would receive a few dozen submissions and, from them, chose a smaller number for presentations at the conference. They were pleasantly surprised to receive over 115 submissions from students in classes such as English 201 Research in the Disciplines, English 301 College Writing and Research, English 302/303 Business and Technical Writing, and others.

The Rutgers University 2013 Undergraduate Research Writing Conference will be held on Wednesday April 10th, from 9:30 am - 4:30 pm, in the Livingston Student Center and the Kilmer Library on the Livingston campus. The Rutgers University Libraries and the Rutgers- New Brunswick English Department are cosponsors.

Forty five students will present their well-regarded research papers in small three-person groups during the conference. To allow all 45 students to present their work, there will be five concurrent sessions of one and a half hours each taking place throughout the day. Each student will be given 15-20 minutes to share their research and address any questions.

Student presenters were selected for this conference based on the quality of their research and writing and the contribution their research makes to the fields they studied. At the conference, the Rutgers Writing Program will be awarding prizes for the the top research projects in 201, 301, and Business and Technical Writing courses and an award for best overall paper. The Rutgers University Libraries will award a prize for the best research project. The Rutgers Writing Program is also considering publishing the award winners' papers online, after the conference.

Kurt Spellmeyer, chair of the Writing Program, will be the featured speaker at the awards ceremony to be held at the conclusion of the conference.

The conference organizers note with pride that, while the writing program is based in the School of Arts and Sciences, students enrolled in the writing classes come from all across the New Brunswick campuses. The student presenters at the conference are affiliated with schools such as SEBS, The School of Pharmacy, Mason Gross School of the Arts, the School of Nursing, the School of Engineering, the School of Communication and Information, and the Rutgers Business School.

For more information on the Rutgers University 2013 Undergraduate Research Writing Conference, contact Trinyan Mariano at or Jill Nathanson at

Posted August 8, 2012