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NEW art and humanities databases = Iter: Gateway to the Renaissance and Index of Christian Art

The Rutgers University Libraries are proud to announce the acquisition of two new databases in art and the humanities - Iter: Gateway to the Renaissance and Index of Christian Art.

Iter: Gateway to the Renaissance is a non-profit research project to increase access to all published materials pertaining to the Middle Ages and Renaissance (400-1700), through the creation of online bibliographic databases. The Iter Journals database includes indexing for articles, reviews, bibliographies, catalogues, editions, abstracts, discographies, and notes. To date the full runs of more than 300 scholarly journal titles, published since 1843, have been indexed.

The Index of Christian Art is the largest archive of materials on Early Christian and Medieval Iconography. It documents Christian art from early apostolic times to 1400 AD with no geographic limitations. A web-based search interface provides access to Subject Records, Work of Art Records and Bibliographic Records, which represent only part of archival materials. Search is available in 150 categories. Along with catalog information, the database provides a bibliography and soon will be providing images. This bibliography covering iconography, art history, classical and religious studies is a specialized reference tool not found elsewhere. The database also offers, on a limited basis, the ability to search using the ICONCLASS Classification System. Years of coverage run from 1991 on with many retrospective records.

Both databases may be accessed from the Indexes page on this website.

Posted July 9, 1999