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Time-Savers Added To Libraries' Website

In their effort to continuously enhance user services, the Rutgers University Libraries added two valuable time-saving features to their website (located at

A new 'Research Shortcuts' option gives experienced Libraries' website users a direct route to their favorite resources. This feature brings up an interface where a user selects one of six basic types of resources at the Rutgers University Libraries - electronic journals, electronic ready reference shelf, government information, indexes to articles, library catalogs, and research guides. By selecting one of these types, the titles of all resources in that type appear in another scroll box on the same page (for electronic journals, a link leads to a separate alphabetical list). The user then selects the particular resource desired and goes directly to that resource.

A new 'Site Index' option aids website users looking for a particular feature or service. The 'Site Index' lists seventy of the most frequently used elements of the Libraries' website, with links to the appropriate web pages. The 'Site Index' will expand as suggestions from users and librarians are received and considered.

Both new features are accessible on all pages of the Libraries' website, from links at the top of the blue navigation bar on the left.

These two new features were developed by the Web Advisory Committee (WAC) of the Rutgers University Libraries. This committee, which includes librarians and staff from libraries on all three Rutgers' campuses, designed the new Libraries' website that was introduced in July. WAC continues to make enhancements and improvements to the website and appreciates all user feedback. If you have any comments or questions about these two new features, or other aspects of the Libraries' website, please contact: on the Camden campus - Theo Haynes, at; on the Newark campus - Ka-Neng Au, at; on the New Brunswick campus - Ronald Jantz, at

Posted October 25, 1999