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Bigger & Better Art History Research Guide

Art students and scholars looking to 'cover the whole canvas' in their research now have an exceptional new tool - a revised and expanded art history research guide, accessible from the Research Guides page on the the Libraries website.

The art history research guide allows users to investigate their topics from 49 different departure points, organized in three broad categories - Art Library resources, online resources, and related Rutgers resources. In Art Library resources, users can explore various guides to print and online materials available at Rutgers, such as 'guides for writing about art,' 'sources for study of iconography,' 'art sales and auction information,' and 'sources for information about prints and printmakers.'' Online resources provides access to 'libraries and archives,' 'museums, exhibitions, & auctions,' 'electronic texts, journals & images,' and 'subject guides.' The last category in online resources, 'subject guides,' is subdivided into historical periods, non-European art and architecture, and related subjects.

The art history research guide also provides links, under 'related Rutgers resources,' to the Art Library, the Zimmerli Art Museum, Mason Gross School of the Arts, the Rutgers-Camden department of fine arts, and the undergraduate and graduate programs at the department of art history in New Brunswick.

Additionally, the art history research guide features a unique research-guide-within-a-guide on 'Russian Art and Architecture,' located within the 'non-European art and architecture' section of the online resources/subject guides section. The 'Russian Art and Architecture' research guide offers an overview of resources at Rutgers and the best methods to access them. Links are given for reference materials such as 'encyclopedias, dictionaries, companions,' 'major histories and surveys,' and 'publications on museum collections.' An 'Internet resources: selected list' section offers users options such as 'access to libraries in Russia,' 'Slavic studies on the web,' and 'museums with holdings of Russian art.'

To access the art history research guide, or the Russian art and architecture guide-within-a-guide, please click here. For more information on this resource, please send email to the guides' author - Maya Gervits, Art Librarian, at

Posted November 15, 1999