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NEW Chemistry Resource: Beilstein CrossFire

The Libraries are pleased to offer access to a comprehensive tool for chemistry scholars - the Beilstein CrossFire database.

The Beilstein CrossFire database covers the organic chemistry literature (primarily journal articles plus patents) back to the late 1700's. It indexes over seven million organic and organo-metallic compounds, 10 million chemical reaction references, and 20 million associated chemical, physical, and biological property records. The system also includes some 600,000 abstracts and titles excerpted from the organic chemical literature since 1980, and is updated on a regular basis.

Three major types of searches can be carried out using the Beilstein CrossFire database:

  1. Bibliographic searches for literature references by specific authors or articles about specific chemistry subjects or compounds.
  2. Structure searches can be carried out to find information about specific chemical compositions (i.e., you can draw the structure diagram of the molecule you are interested in and the system will search it and retrieve all relevant information about it). Limits can be imposed on these searches that enable the searcher to find very specific property information.
  3. Reaction searches yield details about preparative methods for chemical substances. These queries allow the searcher to investigate specific reaction attributes such as reaction centers, bond fates, and atom-atom mapping.

Additionally, the Autonom program packaged with Beilstein CrossFire allows users to determine the name of any given chemical compound by simply drawing its structure diagram and initiating the naming process.

The Beilstein CrossFire database is currently available on selected library computers throughout Rutgers at the Library of Science and Medicine, the Chemistry Library, the Physics Library, and Chang Science Library on the Cook Campus, and the Robeson Library in Camden. It will also be installed shortly at the Dana Library in Newark. Please consult with a reference librarian in any of these libraries for guidance as to which of the public computers have been loaded with Beilstein. Autonom is loaded on the same library workstations that provide access to Beilstein CrossFire.

If you are an authorized user of Rutgers University resources and can access the Rutgers modem pool, you can establish access to Beilstein CrossFire from outside the Libraries. You will need to load the Beilstein Crossfire Commander software on your home or office workstation. Follow these instructions.

You can access Beilstein from within Library Catalog or from the Libraries' Indexes web page.

It is not possible to gain access to Autonom outside the Libraries.

The Libraries will be arranging open training sessions by Beilstein experts for early in the spring semester. Look here and on the Libraries' News page for the announcement of times and places.

In the interim, you can obtain online assistance in the use of Beilstein by referring to one of the many helpful resources listed in the Search Guide

Posted December 3, 1999