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NEW Comprehensive Turfgrass Resource

The Rutgers University Libraries are pleased to announce the acquisition of a unique resource of particular interest to students of agriculture and fans of golf - The Turfgrass Information Center.

The Turfgrass Information Center (TIC) at Michigan State University contains the most comprehensive collection of turfgrass educational materials publicly available in the world. The TIC has over 60,000 records in its primary database (TGIF-the Turfgrass Information File). More than 200 journals, magazines, newsletters, reports, proceedings, websites, etc., from around the world are constantly monitored to build TGIF. While over 94% of TGIF entries have been published since 1968, there are also records for research and management issues going back to the 1920's.

Other databases within the TIC online system include different types of information. For example, there are reference sources like TURFTERMS, a turf nomenclature database, and TURFTWISTERS, 30 years of advice from the USGA Green Section in question/answer format.

The Turfgrass Information Center is located on the Libraries webpages under Indexes -> Science, Technology, & Math -> Agriculture and in Library Catalog. To access TIC, please click here.

Posted December 3, 1999