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Beilstein CrossFire Workshops

Learn How to Best Use a Comprehensive Tool for Chemistry Scholars - Beilstein CrossFire

The Beilstein CrossFire database covers the organic chemistry literature (primarily journal articles plus patents) back to the late 1700's. It indexes over seven million organic and organo-metallic compounds, 10 million chemical reaction references, and 20 million associated chemical, physical, and biological property records. The system also includes some 600,000 abstracts and titles excerpted from the organic chemical literature since 1980, and it is updated on a regular basis.

Lawrence DeBolt, a professional trainer from Beilstein, will conduct workshops for faculty and students on how to use Beilstein CrossFire most effectively for molecule and reaction information and for literature citations.

The following workshop sessions are available:

Wednesday, April 26, 2000
1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
Electronic Classroom, Paul Robeson Library

Tuesday, April 25, 2000
9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Electronic Classroom, John Cotton Dana Library

Tuesday, April 25, 2000
2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.
Information Handling Lab (Room 415), Scholarly Communication Center, Alexander Library

Seating in each location is limited. To register for a workshop, please call 732/932-7505 or send email to

The Beilstein CrossFire database recently became available on selected library computers throughout Rutgers at the Library of Science and Medicine and the Chemistry, the Physics, Chang Science Robeson, and Dana Libraries. It is also available outside the Libraries to authorized users of Rutgers University resources who can access the Rutgers modem pool. Instructions for establishing access from your home or office are available at*/

Objectives of Searching the Beilstein Database with CrossFire (Part 1) are: Participants will learn how to draw structural queries for compounds and reactions with either the Beilstein Structure Editor or ISIS/Draw; conduct substructure searches; retrieve compounds by structure, name, CAS Number, physical properties, and chemical data; search for tautomers; retrieve reactions by structure searches of reactants and/or products; retrieve reactions based on reaction components or reaction conditions; specify reacting centers; include predefined generic groups in structural queries; use hyperlinks and browse buttons to navigate a hitset; retrieve a list of citations associated with a compound or reaction hitset; and use field availability, user views, and short display features to efficiently view hitsets.

Beilstein CrossFire was acquired by the Rutgers University Libraries with support from the College of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. It is part of the implementation of A Bridge to the Future: The Rutgers Digital Library Initiative, the Libraries' long-range plan.

Posted April 10, 2000