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Copy Centers Introduce NEW Copy Cards

In July 2000 the Rutgers University Libraries' Copy Centers will have a new Copy Card system from Jamex, to replace the old system from Copicard, Inc. The Copy Centers made this change to accommodate additions to their services, which will be become available shortly.

To use the new copy card system, library users will simply buy a card from vending machines in the Libraries for $1 and can then add value to the card in any amount from $1 to $20. The vending machines will also take the new $5, $10, and $20 bills. These copy cards may be used for photocopying and microform copying in any Rutgers' library in New Brunswick, Newark (Dana), and Camden (Robeson) libraries. They may also be used for network printing in any Rutgers Library in New Brunswick and Camden (Robeson). The copy card vending machines at Alexander Library, Dana Library, Douglass Library, Kilmer Library, and the Library of Science and Medicine can also print receipts.

Library users can redeem old Copicards for new copy cards at the Alexander Library, Library of Science and Medicine, and Dana Library Copy Centers, and also at the Access Services desks of Kilmer Library, Douglass Library, the Science and Engineering Reading Room (SERC) and Chang Library. There is no time limit on redeeming cards. Card exchanges will always be honored.

The Library Copy Centers at Alexander Library and the Library of Science and Medicine will have extended hours from July through October for the convenience of patrons who wish to switch their old cards for new ones.

For more information on the new copy cards, please contact Donna Cryan by email at or by phone at 732/932-7530 OR Barbara Garwood by email at or 732/932-7940.

Posted June 23, 2000