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NEW Computer Science, Math, and Statistics Research Guides

The Libraries are pleased to announce three new resources in the sciences - Internet research guides for computer science, mathematics and statistics. The guides offer links in three categories - 'Internet guides,' ' Rutgers resources' (academic departments on all three Rutgers' campuses), and 'related Rutgers resources.'

For computer science, the 'Internet guides' section leads to sites such as the Computing WWW Virtual Library, the Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library, and the University of Washington Libraries' Information Gateway for Computer Science. The 'related Rutgers resources' section links to RUCS (Rutgers University Computing Services) and the Rutgers University Computer Store.

For mathematics, the 'Internet guides' section leads to sites such as the Mathematical Atlas: A Gateway to Modern Mathematics, the Math Forum, and the American Mathematical Society's Math on the Web website. The 'related Rutgers resources' section links to DIMACS (Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science), SYCON (Rutgers Center for Systems and Control), and the Math and Science Learning Center.

For statistics, the 'Internet guides' section leads to sites such as St@tServ, HyperStat Online, and York University's Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources. The 'related Rutgers resources' section includes an academic department link and links to the Rutgers Institute of Biostatistics and the Rutgers Office of Statistical Consulting.

Each of these research guides is accessible by following the path Research and Reference Gateway/ Research Guides/ Science, Technology, & Math from the front page of the Libraries website. The guides were created by pharmaceutical sciences librarian Pat Piermatti and mathematical sciences librarian Sylvia Walsh, with assistance from Social Sciences Data Librarian Ron Jantz. For more information on any of these guides, please contact Sylvia by email at or by phone at 732/445-3735.

Posted July 12, 2000