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NEW Camden, NJ Index

Students, professors, and researchers in economics, history, urban studies, political science, and other disciplines will benefit from the Libraries newest resource - CamdenBase.

CamdenBase is an index for information about the city of Camden, New Jersey. CamdenBase contains selected citations of journal, book and newspaper articles about Camden. The documents cover economic, political, and social events in the city from 1945 to the present. CamdenBase provides bibliographic access to over 4000 articles. Researchers can utilize either a keyword search or browse the database by themes.

All articles dated after 1998, are exclusively from the Courier-Post, the newspaper of record of Camden County. The abstracts to these articles are usually drawn from the lead paragraphs of the articles and used with permission of the Courier-Post.

Users may access CamdenBase by using Library Catalog or by following the path Indexes the Rutgers University Libraries website.

Posted Aug. 21, 2000