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Reception For Opening Of “Presidential Losers” Exhibit

Community members are invited to attend the opening reception for "The Dust Bin of History: Presidential Losers, 1796 – 1996," the fall 2000 exhibit at Rutgers University's Archibald S. Alexander Library, on Thursday September 14, 2000, starting at 6:00 p.m.

As the familiar adage stages: "To the victor belongs the spoils." This quotation is particularly appropriate for the winner of an American presidential campaign. Among the more tangible spoils, the presidential victor gains a high level of historical recognition, which is usually denied to his opponent. Many of these individuals, who had served as senators, governors, congresspeople, lawyers, and soldiers, have sadly been consigned to the 'dust bin' of history. This exhibition of manuscripts, books, pamphlets, broadsides, pictures, and ephemera is an attempt to reclaim for these candidates some public recognition, in the glow of the closing months of our nation's current presidential campaign.

Rutgers' Professor of American History William O'Neill, author of "Coming Apart: An Informal History of America in the 1960's" and co-author of "America Rediscovered: Its Political Life," will talk at the opening reception about the theme of the exhibit. This reception is free and open to the public and reservations are strongly requested. The reception will begin in the Scholarly Communication Center, on the 4th Floor of Alexander Library. Alexander Library is located on Rutgers' College Avenue Campus in New Brunswick. Driving directions to Alexander Library can be found at the Rutgers University Libraries' website (

To make a reservation for this reception, call 732/932-7505 or send email to

Posted July 17, 2000