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Search Legal Citations With NEW Libraries Resource

America's legal system relies on precedent. The Libraries new legal resource, Shepard's Citations, represents a standard system of recording citations to provide complete, reliable coverage of cited cases for legal researchers.

Shepard's Citations is used to locate cases affecting, or citations to, a specific case. The legal industry uses the term Shepardize® to describe the process of validating and locating information by citation. Shepard's contains over five million state and federal cases and 125 million citing references.

Shepardizing® for specific state cases using the RUL online access is limited to New Jersey courts only. Federal and Supreme Court cases can be Shepardized® as well as New Jersey and U.S. statutes.

In addition to the citation service, Shepard's Citations online provides a "Channel - Practice Areas" search for specific areas of laws. The content of the practice areas vary but include such things as: a short description of that particular area of law; lists of upcoming conferences; related web sites; and summaries of the most recent case law.

To access Shepard's Citations from the Rutgers University Libraries' website, use Library Catalog or follow the path Indexes/Social Sciences & Law/Law & Criminal Justice.

Posted July 7, 2000